Mazda 2: Scheduled Maintenance


 Scheduled Maintenance

NOTE After the prescribed period, continue to follow the described maintenance at the recommended intervals. As the result of visual examination or functional measurement of a system's o

 Maintenance Monitor

Maintenance Monitor (Type A/Type B audio) “Oil Change” with fl exible setting *1 is available. Consult an Authorised Mazda Repairer for details*2 . When the engine oil fl exible maintenance se

 Owner Maintenance


 How To Use This Manual

Range of Topics This manual contains procedures for performing all required service operations. The procedures are divided into the following five basic operations: Removal/Installation Disassembly/Assembly Replacement Inspection Adjustment Simple operations which can be performe

 Front Axle

FRONT AXLE LOCATION INDEX Hub bolt Wheel hub, steering knuckle WHEEL HUB, STEERING KNUCKLE INSPECTION Wheel Bearing Play Inspection 1. Position a dial gauge with a magnetic base against the wheel hub as shown, and measure the wheel bearing axial play. If it exceeds the specification, replac

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