Mazda2 DJ 2014–2024 Owners Manual

      L Pictorial Index
           L Interior Overview (Left-Hand Drive Model)
                L Interior Equipment (View A)
                L Interior Equipment (View B)
                L Interior Equipment (View C)
           L Interior Overview (Right-Hand Drive Model)
                L Interior Equipment (View A)
                L Interior Equipment (View B)
                L Interior Equipment (View C)
           L Exterior Overview
                L Saloon
                L Hatchback
      L Essential Safety Equipment
           L Seats
                L Seat Precautions
                L Front Seat
                L Rear Seat
                L Head Restraints
           L Seat Belt Systems
                L Seat Belt Precautions
                L Seat Belt
                L Seat Belt Warning Systems
                L Seat Belt Pretensioner and Load Limiting Systems
                L Centre-Rear Position Seat Belt
           L Child Restraint
                L Child-Restraint Precautions
                L Child-Restraint System Installation
                L Child-Restraint System Suitability for Various Seat Positions Table
                L Installing Child-Restraint Systems
           L SRS Air Bags
                L Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Precautions
                L Front Passenger Air Bag Deactivation Switch 
                L Supplementary Restraint System Components
                L How the SRS Air Bags Work
                L SRS Air Bag Deployment Criteria
                L Limitations to SRS Air Bag
      L Before Driving
           L Keys
           L Advanced Keyless Entry System
                L Advanced Keyless Entry System
                L Operational Range
           L Doors and Locks
                L Door Locks
                L Liftgate/Boot Lid
           L Fuel and Emission
                L Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions
                L Fuel-Filler Flap and Cap
           L Steering Wheel
           L Mirrors
           L Windows
           L Security System
                L Modifi cation and Add-On Equipment
                L Immobilizer System
                L Theft-Deterrent System
           L Driving Tips
                L Running-In
                L Saving Fuel and Protection of the Environment
                L Hazardous Driving
                L Floor Mat
                L Rocking the Vehicle
                L Winter Driving
                L Driving In Flooded Area
                L Turbocharger Information (SKYACTIV-D 1.5)
           L Towing
      L When Driving
           L Start/Stop Engine
                L Ignition Switch
                L Starting the Engine
                     L Engine Start Function When Key Battery is Dead
                     L Emergency Operation for Starting the Engine
                L Turning the Engine Off
                L i-stop
           L Instrument Cluster and Display
                L Meters and Gauges
                L Active Driving Display
                L Warning/Indicator Lights
           L Transaxle
                L Manual Transaxle Operation
                L Automatic Transaxle Controls
           L Switches and Controls
                L Lighting Control
                L Front Fog Lights
                L Rear Fog Light
                L Turn and Lane-Change Signals
                L Windscreen Wipers and Washer
                L Rear Window Wiper and Washer
                L Headlight Washer
                L Rear Window Defogger
                L Hazard Warning Flasher
           L Brake
                L Brake System
                L Emergency Stop Signal System
                L Hill Launch Assist (HLA)
           L ABS/TCS/DSC
                L Antilock Brake System (ABS)
                L Traction Control System (TCS)
                L Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
           L i-ELOOP
           L Fuel Economy Monitor
           L Drive Selection
           L Power Steering
           L i-Activsense
                L High Beam Control System (HBC)
                L Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
                L Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) System
                L Rear Cross Traffi c Alert (RCTA)
                L Adjustable Speed Limiter
                L Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)
                L Forward Sensing Camera (FSC)
                L Laser Sensor
                L Radar Sensors (Rear)
           L Cruise Control
           L Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
           L Diesel Particulate Filter (SKYACTIV-D 1.5)
           L Rear View Monitor
           L Parking Sensor System
      L Interior Features
           L Air-Conditioning System
                L Operating Tips
                L Vent Operation
                L Manual Type
                L Fully Automatic Type
           L Audio System
                L Aerial
                L Operating Tips for Audio System
                L Audio Set (Type A/Type B)
                L Audio Set (Type C/Type D)
                L Audio Control Switch Operation
                L AUX/USB/iPod mode
           L Bluetooth®
                L Bluetooth® Hands-Free (Type A/Type B)
                L Bluetooth® Hands-Free (Type C/Type D)
                L Bluetooth® Audio (Type A/Type B)
                L Bluetooth® Audio (Type C/Type D)
                L Troubleshooting
           L Interior Equipment
                L Sunvisors
                L Interior Lights
                L Accessory Sockets
                L Cup Holder
                L Bottle Holder
                L Storage Compartments
                L Removable Ashtray
      L Maintenance and Care
           L Essential Information
           L Scheduled Maintenance
                L Scheduled Maintenance
                L Maintenance Monitor
           L Owner Maintenance
                L Owner Maintenance Precautions
                L Bonnet
                L Engine Compartment Overview
                L Engine Oil
                L Engine Coolant
                L Brake/Clutch Fluid
                L Window and Headlight Washer Fluid
                L Body Lubrication
                L Wiper Blades
                L Battery
                L Key Battery Replacement
                L Tyres
                L Light Bulbs
                L Fuses
           L Appearance Care
                L Exterior Care
                L Interior Care
      L If Trouble Arises
           L Parking in an Emergency
           L Flat Tyre
                L Spare Tyre and Tool Storage
                L Emergency Flat Tyre Repair Kit
                L Changing a Flat Tyre (With Spare Tyre)
           L Battery Runs Out
           L Emergency Starting
                L Starting a Flooded Engine (SKYACTIV-G 1.3 and SKYACTIV-G 1.5 )
                L Push-Starting
                L Running Out of Fuel (SKYACTIV-D 1.5)
           L Overheating
           L Emergency Towing
                L Towing Description
                L Towing/Tiedown Hooks
           L Warning/Indicator Lights and Warning Sounds
                L If a Warning Light Turns On or Flashes
                L Message Indicated on Display
                L Warning Sound is Activated
           L When Liftgate/Boot Lid Cannot be Opened
           L Active Driving Display Does Not Operate
      L Customer Information
           L Warranty
                L Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country
                L Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and Accessories
           L Cell Phones
           L Recording of Vehicle Data
           L Declaration of Conformity
           L Electromagnetic Compatibility
           L Collection/Disposal of Old Equipment/Used Battery
      L Specifications
           L Identifi cation Numbers
           L Specifications
           L Personalisation Features

Mazda 2 2007-2014 Service Manual

      L General Information
           L How To Use This Manual
           L Service Cautions
           L Electrical System
           L Jacking Positions, Vehicle Lift (2 Supports) and Safety Stand (Rigid Rack) Positions
           L Identification Number Locations
           L Pre-Delivery Inspection
           L Scheduled Maintenance
      L Engine
           L Foreword
           L On-Board Diagnostic Test
           L OBD-II Drive Mode
           L DTC Table
           L Symptom Diagnostic Index
           L Intermittent Concern Troubleshooting
           L Engine Control System Operation Inspection
           L Engine System
                L Engine Tune-up
                L Drive Belt
                L Valve Clearance
                L Variable Valve Timing Actuator
                L Oil Control Valve (OCV)
                L Timing Chain
                L Cylinder Head Gasket
                L Front Oil Seal
                L Rear Oil Seal
                L Engine
           L Lubrication System
           L Cooling System
           L Intake-air System
           L Fuel System
                L Before/After Service
                L Fuel Line Pressure
                L Fuel Tank
                L Fuel Pump Unit
                L Quick Release Connector
                L Fuel Injector
                L Exhaust System
           L Emission System
                L Fuel-filler Cap
                L Charcoal Canister
                L Purge Solenoid Valve
                L EGR Valve
                L Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV)
                L Quick Release Connector (Emission System)
                L Canister Vent (CV) Solenoid Valve
           L Ignition System
           L Charging System
           L Starting System
           L Control System
                L PCM
                L Neutral Switch
                L Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor
                L Mass Air Flow (MAF)/Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor
                L Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor
                L Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor
                L Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)
                L Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor
                L Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor
                L Knock Sensor (KS)
                L Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
      L Suspension
           L Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
           L Malfunctioning Wheel Unit Identification
           L Precaution
           L Symptom Troubleshooting
           L General Procedures
           L Wheel Alignment Pre-inspection
           L Wheel and Tire Specification
           L Wheel Unit ID Registration
           L Front Suspension
           L Rear Suspension
      L DriveLine & Axle
           L Front Axle
           L Rear Axle
      L Brakes
           L Dynamic Stability Control System
           L Precaution
           L Symptom Troubleshooting
           L General Procedures
           L Conventional Brake System
                L Brake Fluid
                L Brake Pedal
                L Brake Switch
                L Master Cylinder
                L Power Brake Unit
                L Front Brake (Disc)
                L Brake Hose (Front)
           L Parking Brake System
           L DSC
      L Transmission & Transaxle
           L On-Board Diagnostic System
           L Automatic Transaxle Control System
           L Clutch
           L Manual Transaxle
           L Manual Transaxle Shift Mechanism
           L Automatic Transaxle
                L Mechanical System Test
                L Road Test
                L Automatic Transaxle Fluid (ATF)
                L Transaxle Range (TR) Switch
                L Transaxle Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor
                L Input/Turbine Speed Sensor
                L Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
                L Solenoid Valve
                L PCM
                L Drive Plate
                L Oil Seal
                L Control Valve Body
           L Automatic Transaxle Shift Mechanism
      L Steering
           L Electric Power Steering (EPS)
           L General Procedures
           L Steering Location Index
                L Steering Wheel and Column
                L Intermediate Shaft
                L Steering Gear and Linkage
                L EPS Control Module
      L HVAC
           L HVAC System
           L Refrigerant System Service
           L Refrigerant Charging
           L HVAC Basic System
                L A/C Unit
                L Air Intake Duct
                L Air Filter
                L Airflow Mode Link Set
                L Heat Duct Component
                L A/C Compressor
                L Condenser
                L Refrigerant Line
           L HVAC Control System
                L Blower Motor
                L Magnetic Clutch
                L Refrigerant Pressure Switch
                L Climate Control Unit
      L Restraints
           L Air Bag System Wiring Diagram
           L DTC Display
           L DTC
                L DTC B0001:11/B0001:12/B0001:13/B0001:19/B0001:1A
                L DTC B0002:11/B0002:12/B0002:13/B0002:19/B0002:1A
                L DTC B0010:11/B0010:12/B0010:13/B0010:19/B0010:1A
                L DTC B0011:11/B0011:12/B0011:13/B0011:19/B0011:1A
                L DTC B0052:09/B0052:11/B0052:14
                L DTC B0072:11/B0072:12/B0072:13/B0072:19/B0072:1A
                L DTC B0094:11/B0094:13/B0094:87/B0094:96
                L DTC B00A0:07
                L DTC B00A0:1C
                L DTC B00A0:81/B00A0:87/B00A0:8F
                L DTC B00B5:11/B00B5:12/B00B5:13/B00B5:1D
                L DTC B00D5:11/B00D5:12
                L DTC B10FD:11/B10FD:13/B10FD:87/B10FD:96
                L DTC B10FE:11/B10FE:13/B10FE:87/B10FE:96
                L DTC B1126:11/B1126:12/B1126:13/B1126:19/B1126:1A
                L DTC B1127:11/B1127:12/B1127:13/B1127:19/B1127:1A
                L DTC B1128:11/B1128:12/B1128:13/B1128:19/B1128:1A
                L DTC B1129:11/B1129:12/B1129:13/B1129:19/B1129:1A
                L DTC U0028:88
                L DTC U0300:00/U2100:00
                L DTC U3003:16/U3003:17
           L PID/DATA Monitor
           L Symptom Troubleshooting
           L Location Index
           L Driver/Passenger-side Air Bag Module
           L Side Air Bag Module
           L Curtain Air Bag Module
           L Crash Zone Sensor
           L SAS Control Module
           L Clock Spring
           L Air Bag Module and Pre-tensioner Seat Belt Deployment Procedures
           L Inspection of SST (Deployment Tool)
      L Body and Accessories
           L Foreword [Immobilizer System (Keyless Entry System) ]
           L DTC Table [Immobilizer System (Keyless Entry System) ]
           L Foreword [Multiplex Communication System]
           L Determining Malfunctioning Part (HS-CAN) [Multiplex Communication System]
           L M-MDS and Vehicle Not Communicating [Multiplex Communication System]
           L ON-Board Diagnostic Wiring Diagram [Instrument Cluster]
           L DTC Table [Instrument Cluster]
           L ON-Board Diagnostic Wiring Diagram [BCM]
           L DTC Table [BCM]
           L DTC Inspection [Audio]
           L DTC Table [Audio]
           L Diagnostic Assist Function [Audio]
           L Power Window System Wiring Diagram [Power Window System]
           L Keyless Entry System Wiring Diagram [Keyless Entry System]
           L Symptom Troubleshooting [Instrument Cluster]
           L Foreword [Audio]
           L Foreword [Radio]
           L Reference [Radio]
           L Foreword [CD Player]
           L Reference [CD Player]
           L Body Panels
           L Door and Liftgate
           L Glass/Windows/Mirrors
           L Seat
           L Security and Locks
                L Front Outer Handle
                L Rear Outer Handle
                L Door Lock Switch
                L Fuel-filler Lid Opener Cable
                L Front Door Key Cylinder
                L Front Door Latch and Lock Actuator
                L Front Door Latch Switch
                L Rear Door Latch and Lock Actuator
                L Liftgate Latch and Lock Actuator
                L Keyless Receiver
                L Coil Antenna
           L Exterior Trim
           L Interior Trim
                L Dashboard
                L Center Ventilator Grille
                L Front Console Component
                L Front Door Trim
                L Rear Door Trim
           L Lighting Systems
           L Wiper/Washer System
           L Entertainment Location
           L Power System
           L Instrumentation/Driver Info.
           L Control System

Total pages: 424

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