Mazda 2: Valve Clearance


1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Remove the splash shield (RH). (See DRIVE BELT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION).

3. Remove the fresh-air duct and the air cleaner as a single unit. (See INTAKE-AIR SYSTEM REMOVAL/INSTALLATION).

4. Remove the ignition coils. (See IGNITION COIL REMOVAL/INSTALLATION).

5. Disconnect the ventilation hose. (See INTAKE-AIR SYSTEM REMOVAL/INSTALLATION).

6. Set the vacuum hose out of the way.

7. Remove the cylinder head cover. (See TIMING CHAIN REMOVAL/INSTALLATION).

8. Measure the valve clearance.


  1. Rotate the crankshaft clockwise so that the No.1 cylinder is at TDC of the compression stroke.
  2. Measure the valve clearance at A in the figure.
  • If not within the specification, replace the tappet and adjust the valve clearance to the median value. (See VALVE CLEARANCE ADJUSTMENT).


Valve clearance [Engine cold]

  • IN: 0.27-0.33 mm {0.0107-0.0129 in}
  • EX: 0.27-0.33 mm {0.0107-0.0129 in}
  1. Rotate the crankshaft clockwise 360

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