Mazda 2: Brake


 Brake System

Foot Brake This vehicle has power-assisted brakes that adjust automatically through normal use. Should power-assist fail, you can stop by applying greater force than normal to the brake pedal.

 Emergency Stop Signal System

Your Mazda is equipped with an emergency stop signal system that is designed to determine whether you are depressing the brake pedal with greater force than during normal braking such as in a sit

 Hill Launch Assist (HLA)

Hill Launch Assist (HLA) is a function which assists the driver in accelerating from a stop while on a slope. When the driver releases the brake pedal and depresses the accelerator pedal while on


 Reference [Radio]

1. Multipath Noise Signals from an FM transmitter are a high frequency and similar to beams of light because they do not bend around corners, but they do reflect. Since FM signals can be reflected by obstructions, it is possible to receive both the direct signal and the reflected signal a

 Rear Outer Handle

REAR OUTER HANDLE REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. Fully close the rear door glass. 2. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 3. Remove the sail inner garnish. (See SAIL INNER GARNISH REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). 4. Remove the rear door trim. (See REAR DOOR TRIM REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). 5. Remove the rubber. 6

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