Mazda 2: Determining Malfunctioning Part (HS-CAN) [Multiplex Communication System]

Mazda 2 2007-2014 Service Manual / Body and Accessories / Determining Malfunctioning Part (HS-CAN) [Multiplex Communication System]


  • If the malfunctioning part is detected in the communication line, before disconnecting the related connector for inspection, press the connector in the connection direction to verify that there is no looseness or disconnection.
  • When disconnecting the connector, verify that there is no damage, deformation, or corrosion of the connector terminals.

1. Verify the CAN system-related module DTCs and the failed module using the M-MDS.

2. Look for a DTC display pattern and failed module display pattern in tandem which match.


  • A hyphen (-) in the DTC output pattern table indicates that the DTC may be displayed depending on the malfunction detection conditions. If only an (


     M-MDS and Vehicle Not Communicating [Multiplex Communication System]

    CAUTION: Perform the following on-board diagnosis according to FOREWORD [MULTIPLEX COMMUNICATION SYSTEM] troubleshooting procedure. Detection Condition Possible causes of communication errors

     ON-Board Diagnostic Wiring Diagram [Instrument Cluster]

    DTC INSPECTION [Instrument Cluster] 1. Connect the M-MDS (IDS) to the DLC-2. 2. After the vehicle is identified, select the following items from the initialization screen of the IDS. Select "S

     DTC Table [Instrument Cluster]

    *1 Vehicles with tire pressure monitoring system *2 ATX DTC B1A84:41/U0300:00 Diagnostic Procedure DTC B1A84:51/U2100:00 Diagnostic Procedure DTC P0070:14 System Wiring Diagram Diagnostic P

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