Mazda 2: Security System


 Modifi cation and Add-On Equipment

Mazda cannot guarantee the immobilizer and the theft-deterrent systems' operation if the system has been modifi ed or if any add-on equipment has been installed. CAUTION To avoid damage to the ve

 Immobilizer System

The immobilizer system allows the engine to start only with a key the system recognises. If someone attempts to start the engine with an unrecognised key, the engine will not start, thereby hel

 Theft-Deterrent System

If the theft deterrent system detects an inappropriate entry into the vehicle or the intrusion sensor detects movement in the vehicle which could result in the vehicle (with the intrusion sensor)


 Engine Control System Operation Inspection

Main Relay Operation Inspection 1. Verify that the main relay clicks when the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, then off. If there is no operation sound, inspect the following: Main relay (See RELAY INSPECTION). Wiring harness and connector between battery and main relay terminal

 Power System

POWER SYSTEM LOCATION INDEX Main fuse Relay Ignition switch Key reminder switch FUSE SERVICE CAUTIONS CAUTION: If a fuse is burnt out, inspect the cause and repair the malfunctioning part, then replace the fuse with the specified value. If the fuse is replaced before doing this, it co

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