Mazda 2: Pictorial Index

Interior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.


 Interior Overview (Left-Hand Drive Model)

 Interior Equipment (View A)

Door-lock knob Turn and lane-change signal Lighting control Wiper and washer lever DSC OFF switch Tyre pressure monitoring system set switch i-stop OFF switch Headlight Levelling

 Interior Equipment (View B)

SRS air bags Active driving display Air-conditioning system Rear window defogger switch Audio system Seat warmer switches CD player Accessory sockets External input terminal D


 Exterior Trim

EXTERIOR TRIM LOCATION INDEX Cowl grille Sail garnish Roof molding Front beltline molding Splash shield Side step molding Mudguard Rear spoiler Rear door garnish Rear beltline molding Door sash film Extractor chamber COWL GRILLE REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. Remove the windshield wiper arm

 Automatic Transaxle Control System

AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE CONTROL SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM NOTE: Only the transaxle-related information is described. FOREWORD When the customer reports a vehicle malfunction, check the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) illuminating, O/D OFF indicator light flashing, and diagnostic trouble code (DTC)

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