Mazda 2: Interior Equipment (View B)

Interior Equipment (View B)

  1. SRS air bags
  2. Audio system
  3. Air-conditioning system
  4. Rear window defogger switch
  5. Active driving display
  6. DVD/CD player
  7. Accessory sockets
  8. External input terminal
  9. Drive selection switch
  10. Transaxles
  11. Fuse block (Left side)


 Interior Equipment (View C)

Rearview mirror Sunvisor Vanity mirror Overhead lights Bottle holder Seat belts Rear seat Front seat Cup holders Parking brake Commander switch Glove compartment

 Exterior Overview


Bonnet Windscreen wiper blades Doors and keys Fuel-fi ller fl ap Wheels and Tyres Exterior lights Boot lid Child safety locks Outside mirror


 Keyless Entry System Wiring Diagram [Keyless Entry System]

SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING CHART [KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM] TROUBLESHOOTING INDEX [KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM] Refer to the general information and check the basic troubleshooting procedure. The keyless entry system is controlled by the BCM. The phrase "All doors" includes the liftgate. KEYLESS ENTRY SY

 Brake Fluid

BRAKE FLUID INSPECTION 1. Verify that the brake fluid level in the reserve tank is between the MAX and MIN marks. If the brake fluid level is below the MIN mark, add brake fluid. BRAKE FLUID AIR BLEEDING CAUTION: Keep the fluid level in the reservoir at 3/4 full or more during the air blee

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