Mazda 2: Pre-Delivery Inspection

Pre-Delivery Inspection Table


INSPECT and ADJUST, if necessary, the following items to specification:

INSTALL the following parts:

Under hood-engine off

INSPECT and ADJUST, if necessary, the following items to specification:


INSTALL the following items:

INSPECT the operations of the following items:

INSPECT the following items:

INSPECT and ADJUST, if necessary, the following items:

Under hood-engine running at operating temperature

INSPECT the following items:

On hoist

INSPECT the following items:

Road test

INSPECT the following items:

After road test

INSPECT for necessary owner information materials, tools, and spare tire in vehicle
The following items must be completed just before delivery to your customer.

Initial setting of Maintenance Monitor

ADJUST maintenance interval


 Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance Table for U.S.A., CANADA and Puerto Rico Schedule 1: (Normal Driving Conditions) for U.S.A. The vehicle is mainly operated where none of the "unique driving conditions" apply.



When the customer reports a vehicle malfunction, check the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) indication and diagnostic trouble code (DTC), then diagnose the malfunction according to the followin


 Starting a Flooded Engine (SKYACTIV-G 1.3 and SKYACTIV-G 1.5 )

If the engine fails to start, it may be fl ooded (excessive fuel in the engine). Follow this procedure: If the engine does not start within fi ve seconds on the fi rst try, wait ten seconds and try again. Make sure the parking brake is on. Depress the accelerator all the way and ho

 Control Valve Body

CONTROL VALVE BODY REMOVAL/INSTALLATION On-Vehicle Removal WARNING: Using compressed air can cause dirt and other particles to fly out, causing injury to the eyes. Wear protective eyeglasses whenever using compressed air. A hot transaxle and ATF can cause severe burns. Turn off the engine and

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