Mazda 2: Hazardous Driving


Be extremely careful if it is necessary to downshift on slippery surfaces: Downshifting into lower gear while driving on slippery surfaces is dangerous. The sudden change in tyre speed could cause the tyres to skid. This could lead to loss of vehicle control and an accident.

When driving on ice or in water, snow, mud, sand, or similar hazards:


Use snow chains only on the front wheels.


 Floor Mat

WARNING Make sure the fl oor mats are secured with the grommets or the retainers to prevent them from bunching up under the foot pedals (Driver's side): Using a fl oor mat that is not secured is

 Rocking the Vehicle

WARNING Do not spin the wheels at high speed, and do not allow anyone to stand behind a wheel when pushing the vehicle: When the vehicle is stuck, spinning the wheels at high speed is dangerous.

 Winter Driving

Carry emergency gear, including tyre chains, window scraper, fl ares, a small shovel, jumper leads, and a small bag of sand or salt. Ask an expert repairer, we recommend an Authorised Mazda Rep


 Air Filter

AIR FILTER REMOVAL/INSTALLATION CAUTION: When installing the air filter cover, verify that the seals on the back of the cover are assembled securely. If the air filter cover is installed with the seals not properly assembled, water leakage from the A/C unit may occur. 1. Remove in the order

 Keyless Entry System Wiring Diagram [Keyless Entry System]

SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING CHART [KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM] TROUBLESHOOTING INDEX [KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM] Refer to the general information and check the basic troubleshooting procedure. The keyless entry system is controlled by the BCM. The phrase "All doors" includes the liftgate. KEYLESS ENTRY SY

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